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Trampa Boards are supporters of Horseboarding UK. Trampa Boards are famous for producing custom made Mountain, Kite and Horseboarding boards. Trampa decks are individually tailored made to your personal weight, height and style of the rider. When the rider is stood on the correct model its like wearing the right sized shoe as the flex and pop of the deck instantly comes alive working in perfect harmony with the operator, resulting in performance that is totally un-comparable to anything else on the market today.

How is it done?

By varying the layer quantity (ply) of the specially woven composite material and by slightly altering the length and shapes of the moulds used to cook the material in, we are able to control the final amount of flex of the deck, allowing us to construct the perfect deck for every type of rider, be they tall or small, thick or thin! The resulting 100% composite totally un-breakable decks are sold in ply ratings of 11-13 pro-kite, 12-15 short and 15-17 long, giving us the perfect deck range for everyone and type of rider!

In recent years Trampa has developed its own range of top quality components to compliment the famous decks - The INFINITY, VERTIGO and TRAMPA SKATE steering systems, The HYPA and SUPERSTAR hubs, and not forgetting the ride experience changing TRAMPA DAMPA are just a few of the products to name. During the development Trampa was in the fortunate position to be able to sit back and consider what ideas worked and what ideas needed further development in order to work to the max and by ensuring the best quality materials were used at all times it was easy to make the best components on the market today. Items can be purchased either as individual parts such as a nut or a bolt, or as components such as a wheel or blank deck up-grade or as complete decks ready to ride.

This site is displayed in UK English and no changes need to be made to your computer to view it. There are some high res images on this site and if your connection is slow you may have to wait a moment for the bigger images to download but the professional photography within the site is well worth the wait! For best results while browsing our website use one of the following browsers - Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. When you purchase from Trampa Boards Ltd, you are purchasing direct from the factory - no middle men! All of our decks are made by hand and constructed to order. If there is a model that you want but cannot see, then please use our custom board section found at the bottom of every page

If you already know which deck it is you want and are ready to make a purchase then please create an account on the site and select the products you wish to purchase. These selected products will appear and can be modified in your basket until you are ready to check out at which point when you check out the online system will guide you through to the payment pages and final part of the purchase process. Postage prices are calculated by total weight of the purchase. Individual products display approximate shipping prices, and multiple product purchases have their weight added together and then the relevant postage charge is applied. See postage pages for more details under the HQ tab on the front page of the site.

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