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Team Name and Colours Registration Form

When choosing the design for tour team colours, please try to be imaginative. We want teams to be easily recognised by their individual colours. If everyone simply uses a plain colour with contrasting writing, we will soon run out of options, so we need you use designs and patterns as well, in a similar way to horseracing colours. Your horse rider and board rider should wear the same colours. Please apply for your registration BEFORE you get your clothing made, as we cannot guarantee that the colour combination/design that you choose will be accepted. If you need help or advice, please email
The team name and colours you are applying for
If you have answered yes to lettering/logos and/or patterns, in addition to your written description(s) we must be sent a copy of your proposed lettering/logo and/or patterns - either as an attachment to this form (using the add files button on the right), or by email to
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